Mahogany Cabinets – pictures of the furniture

Mahogany Cabinets from Mayan Guatemala. This is the desk, cabinet and CD/DVD holder is one and is the most popular models the craftsmen in the Peten region produce from this hard, durable wood. The furniture is coming from Mahogany-wood out of their local forests –

Wooden Computer Desk

Front view of Mahogany Cabinets - high quality wooden desk

And now the side picture of these fine, sturdy Mahogany Cabinets:

Mahogany Cabinets - pictures of the furniture

Picture of the fine furniture from the side

For pricing, shipping or more information on these  computer cabinets of high-quality mahogany wood, please contact me on cell ++31 6 513 029 52 (Netherlands) or email on pijnacker AT mac D-O-T com. We work directly with the carpenters and Mayan contacts in Peten, Guatemala, which will be outlined in a future post as well. Get your Mayan Mahogany Cabinets today!

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